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Computational Biology & Genomics Core

Supriyo De, MD, PhD, Chief

The Computational Biology & Genomics Core (CBGC) is involved in interdisciplinary research and institute-wide training by collaborating mainly with the laboratories in the NIA IRP, NIH.

Computational Biology and Genomics Core is in the center and four connected circles surround it. At the top is data analysis and sharing. To the right is data science network and training. To the bottom is instruments and computer resources. To the left is core research interests.

The goals of the core are to:

  1. Carry out genomic, epigenomic, functional genomic (CRISPR screens), transcriptomic, single-cell data analysis and data sharing using NIH data-sharing guidelines;
  2. Coordinate the activities of data scientists at NIA IRP by maintaining a Biomedical Data Science Network (BDSN);
  3. Acquire and maintain novel high-throughput instruments and high-performance computer systems to achieve the mission of the NIA; 
  4. Have a fully functional, aging-centered core research program which fosters collaborations mainly within NIA IRP, NIH.

The Computational Biology & Genomics Core (CBGC) provides advice on experimental design and sample preparation, quality control of samples, data analysis, data sharing, and training. Apart from the primary focus on genomic and transcriptomic research, CBGC is highly interested in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) for image analysis and novel genomic data analysis algorithms. The core utilizes gene expression microarrays, Illumina and Oxford Nanopore sequencers and 10x Genomics single-cell sample preparation instruments to meet the needs of NIA IRP researchers. Moreover, CBGC maintains several high-performance computer systems and is involved in designing and maintaining NIA IRP cloud computing for use by all interested NIA IRP researchers.

CBGC is involved in fostering wide variety of collaborative research and providing training on diverse data science topics beyond the core research areas by maintaining the Biomedical Data Science Network (BDSN) comprising of all the data scientists in the NIA IRP. The BDSN website (internal to NIA IRP, sign-in required) provides description of the expertise available at NIA IRP, Baltimore and their contact information.

Core Research Areas

  • Role of microbiome in Aging and age-related diseases (e.g., Alzheimer’s Disease)
  • Detection of DNA and RNA base modifications
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence in data analysis
  • Functional Genomics (CRISPR) Screens


Chris Coletta, MS, Computer Scientist
Deborah Croteau, PhD, Staff Scientist
Elin Lehrmann, PhD, Scientist
Jinshui Fan, PhD, Biologist
Kwan Wood Gabriel Lam, PhD, Staff Scientist
Nirad Banskota, MS, Computer Scientist
Qiong Meng, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Supriyo De, MD, PhD, Chief
Yongqing Zhang, PhD, Computer Scientist


Publications by Supriyo De

Selected Recent Publications:


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