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R41 and R42: Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Grants

The STTR Program (R41 and R42 research grant mechanisms) supports cooperative research and development projects between small business concerns (SBCs) and not-for-profit research institutions to establish the technical merit and feasibility of aging- & health-focused products and/or services that have potential for commercialization.

The STTR Program allows for the participation of principal investigators (PIs) employed by not-for-profit research institutions. In STTR projects, at least 40% of the work must be performed by the SBC and at least 30% of the work must be performed by the not-for-profit research institution.

Please refer to the NIA SBIR-STTR Funding Opportunity Web site for listings of the annual NIH SBIR-STTR Omnibus Solicitation and NIA-specific SBIR-STTR Funding Opportunity Announcements. Access these SBIR-STTR funding opportunities.

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