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R01: Traditional Research Projects & U01: Cooperative Agreement Awards

R01: Research Project Grants

NIA provides support for R01s in all areas of research relevant to the mission of the Institute. The individual content areas of research on aging that are supported by the Institute are described in NIA's Research Programs site.

New announcements for R01s are published weekly in the NIH Guide under both Program Announcements (PAs), Request for Applications (RFAs), etc. Researchers need to review the "Activity Code" section of each PA, RFA, etc. to ensure the R01 mechanism applies.

U01: Cooperative Agreement Awards

Cooperative Agreement Awards (U01) support a discrete, specified, circumscribed research project to be performed by the named investigator(s) in cooperation with NIA program staff.

See Funding Opportunities for more information and to view NIA's primary or secondary sponsored R01 and U01 announcements.

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