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P01: Research Program Project Grants

Research Program Project Grants (P01) support broadly based, often multidisciplinary, long-term research programs involving groups of investigators working on research projects that contribute to the overall program objectives. Similar to R01s, the Institute supports P01s in most areas of research relevant to the mission of the Institute.

For more information:

See Funding Opportunities for more information and to view NIA's primary or secondary sponsor announcements.

New PAs and RFAs for P01s are occasionally published in the NIH Guide. Researchers need to consult the "Mechanism of Support" section of each PA or RFA to ensure the P01 mechanism applies. Researchers also may contact program staff to determine whether NIA has interest in supporting program project applications on particular topics.

P01s are complex and costly mechanisms offered by NIA. The Institute has developed several policies specific to P01s that seek to maintain consistent and fair review and control overall costs. For more information, see NIA Policies Related to Research Program Projects (P01).

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