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NIA-Specific Funding Policies

Policies Concerning Particular Grant Mechanisms

  • Program Project (P01) Policies and Guidelines
  • Ranking of NIA-reviewed P01, U01, U19, and R01 applications
  • NIA procedures for submitting applications for support of scientific meetings (R13, U13)
  • NIA Review of Complex, Large Applications (e.g., P01, U19): Beginning with applications submitted for the September 25, 2014 deadline, NIA will no longer require or allow investigators to be available on call during the review meeting for any applications. However, for program projects (P01) and other large and complex applications, requesting $1 million or more in direct costs in any year, when these applications are reviewed singly, NIA will retain the existing policy of soliciting questions from reviewers to submit to investigators at least one week prior to the review meeting. This policy does not apply to applications reviewed by standing committees or submitted in response to RFAs.

NIA Funding Line and Cost Control Policies

NIA Guidance Concerning Research on Human Participants