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NIA Funding Policy for FY 2013

February 2013 Update

Considerable uncertainty remains about the final 2013 budget for NIA and we cannot reasonably predict our funding line for the year as a whole. At this time we are making a very conservative allocation of funds to new and competing awards. This small allocation also reflects the limited funds available under the current continuing resolution. We anticipate being able to publish a funding line policy once we know our budget for the year and will make additional awards subsequent to that announcement.

NIA Funding Line Policy for FY 2013

For a description of NIA’s mission and priorities please see: NIA's listing of Priorities and Programs

Budget Data: NIH (including NIA) received a full year appropriation for FY 2013 on March 26, 2013. This appropriation represents a 5.5% reduction from the FY2012 level and reflects the sequestration enacted in The Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012 (P.L. 112-155). The 2013 budget for NIH is $29,151,462,000 declining from $30,860,000,000 in FY 2012.

Funding Strategy: NIA intends to maintain a competing funding line for CSR –reviewed applications similar to the two preceding years (FY 2011 and FY 2012) by spreading cuts through non-competing research project grants, as well as Centers, career development, training, and scientific meeting lines. Cuts in these awards and programs reflect the sequestration cut of 5.5%. NIA continues to limit the numbers of large applications accepted for review and to maintain a differential pay line for large applications. (A large application requests direct costs of $500,000 or more in any single year). NIA continues to make most competing RPG awards at an average reduction of 18% below the study-section recommended amount. However, NIA no longer makes administrative cuts to small grants (R03) and exploratory/developmental awards (R21) beyond study section recommended amounts. In FY 2013 the noncompeting amount of these R03 and R21 awards will be cut 5.5% like other noncompeting awards.

The 5.5% administrative reduction to noncompeting awards is to the FY 2013 committed amount only, reflecting the effects of the sequestration. NIA intends to fund future year awards at committed levels, although with no adjustment for inflation. Nevertheless that commitment is contingent upon future year budgets.


Competing awards: CSR-Reviewed applications

NIA has made determinations of funding lines for FY 2013. We do not anticipate these lines changing later in the fiscal year.

Funding lines for CSR-reviewed applications:

Requested direct costs


$500k or greater

All applications except N.I. or E.S.I. R01s



N.I. R01, not E.S.I.



E.S.I. R01



N.I. is New Investigator
E.S.I. is Early Stage Investigator

Competing Awards: NIA-reviewed applications

For program projects and other NIA-reviewed RPG applications (some R01, R34, U01 and U19 applications) the pay line is a priority score of 13 (This is NOT a percentile rank).

Non-Competing awards

NIA will award non-competing research project grants at 94.5% of their committed level for FY 2013. Those awards previously supported at 90% of their committed level will be adjusted to this level. For Center awards, NIA is reducing non-competing awards by amounts particular to the Center program.

Non-RPG mechanisms

NIA is reducing amounts that would otherwise have been available for competing awards by approximately 5.5%, and will review unobligated balances among noncompeting awards closely, making adjustments when amounts are substantial. However, non-competing training, career development, fellowship, and scientific meeting awards will not be administratively reduced.

Note on Ranking of RPG applications reviewed at NIA:

Although the bulk of RPG applications (other than those submitted in response to RFAs and a few PARs) are reviewed at CSR and given percentile ranks based on the panel in which they were reviewed, program project (P01) applications,some multi-site cooperative agreement (U01 and U19) applications, clinical trial planning applications (R34) and research grant (R01) applications are reviewed at NIA. Since May 2011, no percentile rank has appeared on the summary statement for these applications. Instead, for funding consideration, they are ranked with other NIA-reviewed RPG applications from the current and recent preceding rounds. This policy for ranking P01 and other RPG applications reviewed at NIA became effective for all FY 2011 and succeeding year applications.

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