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About the Division of Extramural Activities & Staff Listing

Director: Kenneth Santora, Ph.D

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DEA manages NIA's grants and training policies and procedures, including oversight of grants and contract administration, scientific review, and committee management functions. It serves as primary liaison for NIA with the NIH Office of Extramural Research and with other Institutes that share research interests. NIA's extramural training programs, career development programs, small business initiatives, and other special programs are managed by DEA. The Division handles scientific integrity and ethical questions in research and manages the National Advisory Council on Aging.

  • The Grants and Contracts Management Branch (GCMB) works with scientists and institutional research administrators to issue, manage, and close out awards. The branch has legal responsibility for the fiscal management of the Institute’s extramural grants and contracts.
  • The Scientific Review Branch (SRB) conducts initial peer review of specific research grant applications and contract proposals assigned to the NIA.

Division of Extramural Activities Staff

Name Title Email
Linda ADDISON-HARDY Program Specialist
Jeff BALL Grants Management Specialist
Shalender BHASIN
Greg BISSONETTE Health Scientist Administrator
John BLADEN Grants Management Specialist
Ryan BLAKENEY Supervisory Grants Management Specialist
Claire CASSARD Grants Management Specialist
Rhashonda COCHRAN
Jermain COOPER Grants Management Specialist
Amiel Mclain CRUZ
Dario DIEGUEZ Health Scientist Administrator
Jennifer EDWARDS Grants Management Specialist
Rene ETCHEBERRIGARAY Senior Scientific Advisor
Kimberly FIRTH Supervisory Health Scientist Administrator
Priscilla GARNER Grants Management Specialist
Maurizio GRIMALDI Health Scientist Administrator
Mahasin INGRAM Grant Management Specialist
Armilda JIMENEZ Extramural Support Assistant (AO)
Jessi KAUFMAN Grants Management Specialst
Michael-David KERNS Health Scientist Administrator