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Funding Number Research Program Title Release Date Expiration Date
NOT-AG-15-019 DN Notice of Change to Objectives for PAR-15-349 "Health Disparities and Alzheimer's Disease (R01)" 09/21/2015 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-15-008 Notice of Change to Key Dates in RFA-AG-16-012 Analyses of Human Datasets and Biospecimens to Characterize Aging-related Phenotypes Relationships to Circulating Polypeptides and Proteins that Reverse or Accelerate Aging Changes (R01)" 05/21/2015 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-15-007 DAB Notice of Change to Key Dates in RFA-AG-16-005 "Characterization of Pro- and Anti-Geronic Proteins and Peptides (R01)" 05/21/2015 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-15-012 DN Notice of Change to Application Due Date, Award Information and Project Title Instruction for Core E for RFA-AG-16-018 "Alzheimer's Disease Core Centers (P30) 08/12/2015 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-14-003 Notice of Change in Locus of Review in RFA-AG-14-008 Secondary Analyses of Social and Behavioral Datasets in Aging (R03) 01/06/2014 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-12-020 DN Notice of Change in Due Date and Expiration Date for Alzheimer's Disease Funding Opportunity Announcements: RFA-AG-13-013, RFA-AG-13-015, and RFA-AG-13-016 12/12/2012 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-10-004 Notice of Cancellation of NIA Participation in Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Programs (K12 Award) 01/06/2010 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-13-006 DN Notice of Availability of Updated Sequencing Plan for PAR-12-183 National Institute on Aging Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease Genome Sequencing Project Data [U19] 04/05/2013 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-12-023 DN Notice of Availability of a Sequencing Plan for PAR-12-183 National Institute on Aging Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease Genome Sequencing Project Data [U19] 01/04/2013 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-08-009 Notice of a Report from the National Institute on Aging Meetings on New Interventions for Menopausal Symptoms 08/14/2007 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-11-008 Notice of a publication related to RFA-AG-12-006, Leveraging Existing Data or Longitudinal Studies to Evaluate Safety and Effectiveness of Pharmacological Management of Chronic Pain in Older Adults (R03) 08/19/2011 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-12-011 Notice of a Publication Related to PAR-12-174, PAR-12-175, and PAR-12-176, "Multidisciplinary Studies of HIV/AIDS and Aging (R21, R01, R03) 07/05/2012 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-10-001 Notice from NIA with Corrections on PA-09-265: Secondary Analyses of Existing Data Sets and Stored Biospecimens to Address Clinical Aging Research Questions (R01) 10/22/2009 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-05-007 Notice Announcing Change in Funds Available for RFA-AG-06-001: The Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Centers (OAICs) 08/24/2005 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-14-017 OBRRD NIA to Sunset the Caloric-Restricted Rodent Colony 06/11/2014 01/01/2020
PAR-16-359 DEA NIA Revision and Resubmission Program Project Applications (P01) 07/07/2016 09/08/2019
NOT-AG-07-004 DAB NIA Resources for Aging Studies in the Non-Human Primate Model 01/17/2007 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-11-003 DAB NIA Resources for Aging Studies in the Non-Human Primate Model 12/08/2010 01/01/2020
RFA-AG-18-001 NIA Research Centers Coordinating Network (U24) 10/31/2016 06/09/2017
NOT-AG-11-002 DAB NIA Requests Information on Anticipated Needs for the Mutant Mouse Aging Colony 01/10/2011 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-10-003 DAB NIA Request for information and comments on possibility of using domesticated dogs to advance the study of aging 11/09/2009 01/01/2020
PAR-16-358 DEA NIA Program Project Applications (P01) 07/07/2016 09/10/2019
NOT-AG-14-022 DBSR NIA Population Study of Dementia in the Health Retirement Study 08/22/2014 01/01/2020
NOT-AG-06-011 NIA no longer accepting applications for R25 (Education Project) awards. 08/31/2006 01/01/2020