Research and Funding

Funding Opportunities

Funding Number Research Program Title Release Datesort ascending Expiration Date
NOT-AG-10-010 Notice of Correction to RFA-AG-11-002: Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Centers (OAICs) (P30) 08/12/2010 01/01/2014
PAR-10-257 DAB, DBSR, DGCG, DN Chronic, Non-Communicable Diseases and Disorders Across the Lifespan: Fogarty International Research Training Award (NCD-LIFESPAN) (D43) 08/10/2010 04/18/2013
NOT-AG-10-008 DAB Request for Proposals (RFP): NIA Intervention Testing Program Solicits Proposals for Compounds to Test for Anti-Aging Activity in Mice 07/29/2010 01/01/2014
NOT-AG-10-009 NIA Announces Research Model Sharing Website 07/22/2010 01/01/2014
PAR-10-234 DAB, DBSR, DGCG, DN Bioengineering Research Partnerships (BRP)[R01] 07/21/2010 01/08/2014
PAR-10-235 DBSR Climate Change and Health: Assessing and Modeling Population Vulnerability to Climate Change (R21) 07/21/2010 05/25/2012
NOT-AG-10-007 DAB Announcing Changes in the Eligibility Criteria for Use of the NIA Aged Rodent Colony 07/20/2010 01/01/2014
PA-10-228 DN Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins (R01) 07/09/2010 09/08/2013
PAS-10-226 DGCG Advancing Novel Science in Womens Health Research (ANSWHR) (R21) 07/01/2010 01/08/2013
NOT-AI-10-033 Amendment: PAR-09-103: Centers for AIDS Research and Developmental Centers for AIDS Research (P30) 06/28/2010 01/01/2014
NOT-AG-10-006 Correction on the First Submission Date for Resubmission and Revision Applications for the Alzheimers Disease Drug Development Program (U01) (PA-10-205) 06/22/2010 01/01/2014
PA-10-213 DN Development of Assays for High-Throughput screening for use in Probe and Pre-therapeutic Discovery (R01) 06/10/2010 09/08/2013
NOT-HL-11-107 Request for Information (RFI): Sleep Disorders Research Plan 06/09/2010 01/01/2014
PAR-10-204 DN NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research Competitive Revisions for Studies Focused on Neuropathic Pain or Neural Plasticity to Promote Collaborative Pain Research (R01) 05/21/2010 09/29/2012
NOT-NS-10-014 Notice of Availability of Administrative Supplements for the U.S.-JAPAN Brain Research Cooperative Program U.S. Component 05/14/2010 01/01/2014
PA-10-179 DAB, DGCG Aging Studies in the Pulmonary System (R01) 04/28/2010 05/08/2013
PA-10-175 DN Advanced Tools and Technologies for Deep Brain Stimulation (STTR [R41/R42]) 04/27/2010 05/08/2013
PA-10-176 DN Advanced Tools and Technologies for Deep Brain Stimulation (SBIR [R43/R44]) 04/27/2010 05/08/2013
PA-10-164 DAB Identification and Characterization of Molecular Targets Within the mTOR Pathway With Potential to Impact Healthspan and Lifespan (R21) 04/09/2010 05/18/2013
PA-10-150 DAB, DBSR, DGCG, DN Bioengineering Nanotechnology Initiative (SBIR [R43/R44]) 04/06/2010 05/08/2013
PA-10-149 DAB, DBSR, DGCG, DN Bioengineering Nanotechnology Initiative (STTR [R41/R42]) 04/06/2010 05/08/2013
NOT-AG-10-005 Request for Information (RFI): Large Scale Clinical Trials on Aging 04/05/2010 01/01/2014
NOT-EB-10-001 Notice of Change in Expiration Date for Program Announcement on Bioengineering Research Partnerships (PAR-07-352) 03/30/2010 01/01/2014
PAR-10-154 DN Innovative Neuroscience K-12 Education (SBIR [R43/R44]) 03/25/2010 04/05/2012
PA-10-152 DGCG Diet Composition and Energy Balance (R01) 03/24/2010 05/08/2013