Research and Funding

Funding Opportunities

Funding Number Research Program Title Release Date Expiration Datesort ascending
RFA-RM-12-023 DBSR Diffusion of Medical Technology and Effects on Outcomes and Expenditures (U01) 11/16/2012 03/01/2013
NOT-AG-12-017 DN Request for Information: Increasing Enrollment in Alzheimers Disease and Related Clinical Trials and Studies 11/14/2012 01/01/2015
RFA-AG-13-017 DAB Age-Related Changes in Osteoimmunology (R01) 11/13/2012 02/08/2013
PA-13-018 DGCG Administrative Supplements for Research on Sex/Gender Differences (Admin Supp) 11/13/2012 01/12/2013
RFA-AG-13-014 DN Alzheimer's Disease Therapeutics Program (U01) 10/31/2012 01/15/2013
RFA-AG-13-013 DN Interdisciplinary Approach to Identification and Validation of Novel Therapeutic Targets for Alzheimer's Disease (R01) 10/15/2012 01/15/2013
RFA-AG-13-015 DN Alzheimer's Disease Prevention Trials (R01) 10/15/2012 01/15/2013
RFA-AG-13-016 DN Alzheimer's Disease Phase I Clinical Trials (R01) 10/15/2012 01/15/2013
PAR-13-001 DGCG Limited Competition: Continuation of the National Institute on Aging Multicenter Clinical Trial The LIFE Study (U01) 10/05/2012 04/27/2013
RFA-AG-13-011 DEA, DGCG, DN Paul B. Beeson Clinical Scientist Development Award in Aging (K08) 10/03/2012 12/07/2012
RFA-AG-13-012 DEA, DGCG, DN Paul B. Beeson Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award in Aging (K23) 10/03/2012 12/07/2012
RFA-AI-12-038 DAB Immunity in the Elderly (R01) 09/28/2012 02/21/2013
RFA-AG-13-010 DAB Caenorhabditis Intervention Testing Program (CITP) U01 09/11/2012 11/08/2012
RFA-LM-12-002 DBSR Basic social and behavioral research on culture, health, and wellbeing (R24) 09/11/2012 12/18/2012
NOT-OD-12-140 DAB, DBSR, DEA, DGCG, DN Notice of NIH Special Council Review of Research Applications from PDs/PIs with More than $1.0 Million Direct Costs in Annual NIH Support 09/06/2012 09/06/2012
RFA-EY-13-001 DBSR, DN Basic Behavioral Research on Multisensory Processing (R21) 08/31/2012 11/01/2012
RFA-AG-13-009 DBSR Secondary Analyses and Archiving of Social and Behavioral Datasets in Aging (R03) 08/28/2012 02/15/2013
PAR-12-272 DN National Institute on Aging: Revision Requests for Active Alzheimer's Disease Core Centers (P30) 08/27/2012 05/08/2015
PA-12-271 DGCG Potential Effects of Metformin on Aging and Age-Related Conditions: Small-Scale Clinical Studies and Secondary Analysis of Controlled Clinical Studies (R01) 08/24/2012 01/08/2016
PA-12-269 Successor-in-Interest (Type 6 Parent) 08/24/2012 03/01/2014
PA-12-270 Change of Grantee Organization (Type 7 Parent) 08/24/2012 03/01/2014
RFA-AG-13-008 DAB, DGCG Secondary Analyses of CALERIE Data Set and Stored Biospecimens to Address Research Questions Related to Effects of Caloric Restriction in Humans and Adherence to Caloric Restriction Interventions (R01) 08/17/2012 10/31/2012
RFA-AG-13-007 DAB Molecular Mechanisms of Circadian Clocks in Aging Tissues (R01) 08/16/2012 11/08/2012
PAR-12-257 Time-Sensitive Obesity Policy and Program Evaluation (R01) 08/08/2012 09/11/2015
PA-12-253 DBSR Estimating the Economic Costs of Alzheimers Disease and Related Dementias (R03) 08/06/2012 09/08/2015