Research and Funding

Funding Opportunities

Funding Numbersort ascending Research Program Title Release Date Expiration Date
NOT-AG-12-020 DN Notice of Change in Due Date and Expiration Date for Alzheimer's Disease Funding Opportunity Announcements: RFA-AG-13-013, RFA-AG-13-015, and RFA-AG-13-016 12/12/2012 01/01/2015
RFA-NS-13-007 DN Exceptional Unconventional Research Enabling Knowledge Acceleration (EUREKA) for Neuroscience and Disorders of the Nervous System (R01) 12/07/2012 03/22/2013
PA-13-030 Solid Organ Transplantation: Older Donors and Recipients (R01) 12/06/2012 01/08/2016
PA-13-037 Solid Organ Transplantation: Older Donors and Recipients (R03) 12/06/2012 01/08/2016
PA-13-038 Solid Organ Transplantation: Older Donors and Recipients (R21) 12/06/2012 01/08/2016
NOT-AG-12-019 DN Notice of Intent to Publish a Request for Applications for NIA Alzheimer's Disease Research Centers (P50) 12/05/2012 01/01/2015
RFA-RM-12-023 DBSR Diffusion of Medical Technology and Effects on Outcomes and Expenditures (U01) 11/16/2012 03/01/2013
NOT-AG-12-017 DN Request for Information: Increasing Enrollment in Alzheimers Disease and Related Clinical Trials and Studies 11/14/2012 01/01/2015
PA-13-018 DGCG Administrative Supplements for Research on Sex/Gender Differences (Admin Supp) 11/13/2012 01/12/2013
RFA-AG-13-017 DAB Age-Related Changes in Osteoimmunology (R01) 11/13/2012 02/08/2013
RFA-AG-13-014 DN Alzheimer's Disease Therapeutics Program (U01) 10/31/2012 01/15/2013
RFA-AG-13-013 DN Interdisciplinary Approach to Identification and Validation of Novel Therapeutic Targets for Alzheimer's Disease (R01) 10/15/2012 01/15/2013
RFA-AG-13-015 DN Alzheimer's Disease Prevention Trials (R01) 10/15/2012 01/15/2013
RFA-AG-13-016 DN Alzheimer's Disease Phase I Clinical Trials (R01) 10/15/2012 01/15/2013
PAR-13-001 DGCG Limited Competition: Continuation of the National Institute on Aging Multicenter Clinical Trial The LIFE Study (U01) 10/05/2012 04/27/2013
RFA-AG-13-012 DEA, DGCG, DN Paul B. Beeson Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award in Aging (K23) 10/03/2012 12/07/2012
RFA-AG-13-011 DEA, DGCG, DN Paul B. Beeson Clinical Scientist Development Award in Aging (K08) 10/03/2012 12/07/2012
RFA-AI-12-038 DAB Immunity in the Elderly (R01) 09/28/2012 02/21/2013
RFA-LM-12-002 DBSR Basic social and behavioral research on culture, health, and wellbeing (R24) 09/11/2012 12/18/2012
RFA-AG-13-010 DAB Caenorhabditis Intervention Testing Program (CITP) U01 09/11/2012 11/08/2012
NOT-OD-12-140 DAB, DBSR, DEA, DGCG, DN Notice of NIH Special Council Review of Research Applications from PDs/PIs with More than $1.0 Million Direct Costs in Annual NIH Support 09/06/2012 09/06/2012
RFA-EY-13-001 DBSR, DN Basic Behavioral Research on Multisensory Processing (R21) 08/31/2012 11/01/2012
RFA-AG-13-009 DBSR Secondary Analyses and Archiving of Social and Behavioral Datasets in Aging (R03) 08/28/2012 02/15/2013
PAR-12-272 DN National Institute on Aging: Revision Requests for Active Alzheimer's Disease Core Centers (P30) 08/27/2012 05/08/2015
PA-12-270 Change of Grantee Organization (Type 7 Parent) 08/24/2012 03/01/2014