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Funding Opportunities

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Funding Number Research Program Title Release Date Expiration Date
PAR-14-088 DAB, DBSR, DEA, DGCG, DN Direct Phase II SBIR Grants to Support Biomedical Technology Development 02/05/2014 01/08/2017
RFA-AG-17-050 DAB Role of Peripheral Proteostasis on Brain Aging and on Alzheimers Disease (R01) 10/18/2016 01/13/2017
RFA-AG-17-057 DAB Systems Biology Approaches to Alzheimers Disease Using Non-mammalian Laboratory Animals (R01) 10/21/2016 01/19/2017
PA-14-077 DAB, DBSR, DEA, DGCG, DN Administrative Supplements to Existing NIH Grants and Cooperative Agreements(Parent Admin Supp) 01/30/2014 01/31/2017
RFA-AG-17-040 DAB Short-term Measurements of Physical Resilience as a Predictor of Healthspan in Mice (R01) 09/23/2016 02/03/2017
RFA-AG-17-002 DAB Characterization of Circulating Pro- and Anti-Geronic Proteins and Peptides (R01) 02/24/2016 02/03/2017
RFA-AG-17-055 DAB Brain Lymphatic System in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease (R01) 10/21/2016 02/10/2017
PAR-15-265 DAB Conference Grants to Advance Collaborative Research on Aging Biology (R13) 05/19/2015 05/08/2018
PAR-15-191 DAB T2 Translational Research: Research Leading to New Health Care Practices, Community Programs and Policies Affecting Older Persons (R21) 04/28/2015 09/08/2018
PAR-15-190 DAB T1 Translational Research: Novel Interventions for Prevention and Treatment of Age-related Conditions (R21) 04/28/2015 09/08/2018
NOT-AG-14-012 DAB Notice of Intent to Publish a Funding Opportunity Announcement for Epigenetic Analysis of Aging as a Risk Factor for Chronic Disease and Degenerative Conditions (U34) 03/21/2014 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-10-009 DAB, OBRRD NIA Announces Research Model Sharing Website 07/22/2010 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-08-006 DAB NIA Announces New Online Ordering System for Users of the Aged Rodent Colonies 06/24/2008 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-13-017 DAB Notice of Expiration of PAR-11-266 "Network Infrastructure Support for Emerging Areas of Research in the Basic Biology of Aging (R24)" 08/09/2013 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-07-003 DAB NIA Intervention Testing Program Solicits Proposals for Compounds to Test for Anti-Aging Activity in Mice 01/10/2007 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-12-014 DAB Notice of NIA Participation in PA-12-208 Functions of Skeletal Muscle Beyond Contraction (R01) 08/06/2012 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-14-014 DAB Notice of Intent to Publish a Funding Opportunity Announcement for Nathan Shock Centers of Excellence in Basic Biology of Aging (P30) 03/27/2014 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-11-002 DAB NIA Requests Information on Anticipated Needs for the Mutant Mouse Aging Colony 01/10/2011 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-09-006 DAB Administrative Supplements for Pilot Studies on Health Span Measurements in Mice 07/28/2009 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-14-001 DAB, OBRRD Notice of Correction to Award Budget in PA-13-156 "Development and Characterization of Animal Models for Aging Research (R21)" 11/22/2013 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-15-007 DAB Notice of Change to Key Dates in RFA-AG-16-005 "Characterization of Pro- and Anti-Geronic Proteins and Peptides (R01)" 05/21/2015 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-07-004 DAB NIA Resources for Aging Studies in the Non-Human Primate Model 01/17/2007 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-12-015 DAB Notice of NIA Participation in PA-12-209 Functions of Skeletal Muscle Beyond Contraction (R21) 08/06/2012 01/01/2019