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Funding Number Research Program Title Release Date Expiration Date
NOT-AG-05-008 DAB Announcing the NIA Aged Non-Human Primate Tissue Bank 09/07/2005 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-06-001 DAB NIA Intervention Testing Program Solicits Proposals for Compounds to Test for Anti-Aging Activity in Mice 01/13/2006 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-06-002 Change in Status of Program Announcement PA-05-036 - Retirement Economics 01/12/2006 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-06-003 Expert Meeting on the Future of the National Long-Term Care Survey: Data Needs for Disability Policy Making and Research for the Future 01/26/2006 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-06-004 Change in Expiration Date of Program Announcement PA-03-167 01/23/2006 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-06-005 Change in Expiration Date of PA-05-136 01/24/2006 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-06-006 DAB Announcing the NIA Primate Aging Database 02/23/2006 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-06-007 Change in Expiration Dates for PA-05-036 and PA-05-136 03/10/2006 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-06-008 Request for Proposal: AG-260-06-01 NIH Toolbox for Assessment of Neurological and Behavioral Function 03/17/2006 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-06-009 Announcing the National Research Council report “Aging in Sub-Saharan Africa: Recommendations for Furthering Research” 07/27/2006 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-06-010 Notice of Limited Competition for Postdoctoral Training in Research on Aging in Canada (F32; PA-06-469) 08/01/2006 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-06-011 NIA no longer accepting applications for R25 (Education Project) awards. 08/31/2006 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-06-012 Announcing Changes in Availability of the NIA Aged Rodent Colony 09/05/2006 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-07-001 Notice of Intent to Issue an FOA (RFA) to Continue the National Long-Term Care Survey 10/31/2006 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-07-002 Notice of intent to withdraw from PAR-07-142 - Alzheimer’s Disease Pilot Clinical Trials (R01) 12/14/2006 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-07-003 DAB NIA Intervention Testing Program Solicits Proposals for Compounds to Test for Anti-Aging Activity in Mice 01/10/2007 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-07-004 DAB NIA Resources for Aging Studies in the Non-Human Primate Model 01/17/2007 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-07-005 Request for Information: Potentional Resources and Techniques for Animal Models of Comorbidities in Aging 02/02/2007 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-07-006 DAB Administrative Supplements for Translational Aging Research leading to New Interventions, Health Practices and Policies 05/04/2007 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-07-007 Announcing the NIA Mutant Mouse Aging Colony for Biogerontology Research 07/10/2007 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-07-008 NIA Announcement: Modified Policy for Program Project Applications 07/27/2007 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-07-009 DAB NIA Intervention Testing Program Solicits Proposals for Compounds to Test for Anti-Aging Activity in Mice 09/13/2007 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-08-001 Request for Information Related to Planned Funding Opportunities for Cognitive Aging Research 03/27/2008 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-08-002 Request for Information (RFI): Large Scale Clinical Trials in the Elderly 04/01/2008 01/01/2019
NOT-AG-08-003 DAB NIA Administrative Supplements for Translational Research Leading to New Interventions, Health Practices and Policies 04/07/2008 01/01/2019