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NIA Population Study of Dementia in the Health Retirement Study

Funding Number: NOT-AG-14-022
Funding Type: NOT
Release Date: August 22, 2014
Expiration Date: January 1, 2020
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NIA Population Study Dementia the Health Retirement Study Notice Number: NOT-AG-14-022 Key Dates Release Date:   August 22, 2014 Related Announcements PAR-13-097 RFA-AG-12-001 Issued National Institute Aging NIA) Purpose National Institute Aging NIA) supports research achieve National Alzheimer's Project Act NAPA, ) G-8 Dementia Summit objectives related tracking national prevalence trends dementia Alzheimer's Disease the United States around world.     2002-2003, NIA supported Revision application the Health Retirement Study HRS), nationally representative sample Americans ages 50 older, conduct sub-study dementia.  dementia sub-study, called quot;Aging, Demographics, Memory Study," quot;ADAMS," provided national estimates the prevalence incidence dementia cognitive impairment ages 71 older.  Based statistical approaches modeling ADAMS diagnoses functions HRS measures, researchers used entire HRS sample address important questions the epidemiology population impact dementia. However, ADAMS cohort subsample the HRS aging does cover cohorts entering age bands highest risk. Through Notice, NIA invites eligible applicant institutions applicants submit U01 Revision applications PAR-13-097, quot;NIA Limited Competition: Renewals of, Revisions to, Existing Cooperative Agreement Awards U01)" request support conducting new, updated population study dementia a sub-study the Health Retirement Study HRS). NIA interested a second HRS dementia sub-study is conducted a larger HRS sub-sample the in original ADAMS. NIA encourages applicants recruit sample individuals large enough allow more precise estimates prevalence sub-groups interest e.g., health disparities racial/ethnic groups) for understanding trajectories initially mild impairment.  Furthermore, NIA interested a second HRS dementia sub-study is conducted a significantly lower cost per case. might build recent experience a number studies algorithmic approaches dementia assessment using short computer-assisted personal interviews trained survey interviewers. Due cost considerations the desire the proposed approach readily adaptable use studies around world are harmonized the HRS, NIA does anticipate clinical dementia assessment all participants neuroimaging be part this study.  NIA encourages applicants include collection venous blood order have samples the future the validation, a nationally representative sample, potential fluid-based biomarkers AD progression AD.  NIA plans commit to 2 million total costs FY2015 up 7 million total costs FY2016 support second HRS dementia sub-study. Inquiries Please direct inquiries to: Georgeanne E. Patmios National Institute Aging NIA) Telephone: 301-496-3138 Email: nbsp;