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MD-PhD Training Program in Aging and the Social/Behavioral Sciences (T32)

Funding Number: RFA-AG-15-012
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Release Date: August 18, 2014
Expiration Date: November 8, 2014
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NIA's MD-PhD Institutional Training Program in Aging and the Social/Behavioral Sciences is designed to help strengthen the pipeline of physician scholars dedicated to using social and behavioral science approaches to addressing the nation's challenges raised by population aging. This FOA invites applications from 1) institutions with NIA-funded grants in the social/behavioral sciences that are relevant to the research topics proposed under this FOA and 2) that have currently-active formal, combined MD-PhD training programs. Fields of graduate training that are responsive to this FOA are economics, health economics, demography, sociology, social epidemiology, and aspects of psychology relevant to affective science, decision science and the science of behavior change. Training programs that focus primarily on neuropsychology or clinical psychology are outside the scope of this initiative. Integrated medical and graduate research training programs may be built around single disciplines or may be multidisciplinary, may be flexible in structure, and should be consistent with individual institutional strengths. Proposed training programs should be flexible and adaptable in providing each trainee with the appropriate background in the social/behavioral sciences relevant to medicine, yet be rigorous enough to enable graduates to function independently in both basic social/behavioral science research and clinical investigation.