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BRAIN Initiative: Transformative Approaches for Cell-Type Classification in the Brain (U01)

Funding Number: RFA-MH-14-215
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Release Date: December 17, 2013
Expiration Date: March 14, 2014
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This funding opportunity announcement, in support of the NIH Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative aims to pilot classification strategies to generate a systematic inventory/cell census of cell types in the brain. Pilot projects are sought that would 1) provide cell census data in the whole brain, a brain region, or a significant functional circuit in the vertebrate nervous system; 2) integrate molecular identity of cell types with connectivity, morphology, and location; 3) apply statistical methods for creating a taxonomy of cell types based on molecular identity and connectivity; 4) provide realistic estimates on the number/percentage of defined cell types in specific region(s) and/or circuit(s); and 5) provide a basis to map cell types based on molecular identity and connectivity onto a reference brain atlas. These pilot projects and methodologies should be designed to demonstrate their utility and scalability to ultimately complete a comprehensive cell census of the human brain in the future.