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Notice of Intent to Publish a Funding Opportunity Announcement for Dose Response and Efficacy Studies on the Effects of Vitamin D Supplementation on Functional Outcomes in Elderly (U01)

Funding Number: NOT-AG-13-005
Funding Type: NOT
Release Date: April 5, 2013
Expiration Date: January 1, 2020
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Notice Intent Publish Funding Opportunity Announcement Dose Response Efficacy Studies the Effects Vitamin D Supplementation Functional Outcomes Elderly U01) Notice Number: NOT-AG-13-005 Key Dates Release Date: April 5, 2013 Estimated Publication Date Announcement: Summer 2013  First Estimated Application Due Date: August 14, 2013  Earliest Estimated Award Date: February 2014 Earliest Estimated Start Date: April 2014 Issued National Institute Aging NIA) Purpose National Institute Aging NIA) intends publish Funding Opportunity Announcement FOA) solicit applications conduct clinical trial(s) effects vitamin D supplementation falls gait speed older community dwelling individuals. goal to determine dose-response efficacy vitamin D supplementation falls. initiative support multisite award. Applicants strongly encouraged consider advanced, cost-efficient designs include dose-ranging phase followed an efficacy phase select doses. Notice being provided allow potential applicants sufficient time develop meaningful collaborations responsive projects.  FOA expected be published May 2013 an anticipated receipt date August 2013. FOA utilize U01 activity code. Details the planned Funding Opportunity Announcement FOA) provided below. Research Initiative Details Notice encourages investigators expertise endocrinology, vitamin D metabolism, geriatrics, biostatistics, clinical-trial design implementation, data management, central-laboratory procedures, functional assessment. APPLICATIONS NOT BEING SOLICITED THIS TIME. Inquiries Please direct inquiries to: Judith S. Hannah, Ph.D. National Institute Aging NIA) Telephone: 301) 435-0044 FAX: 301) 402-1784 Email: