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Notice of Correction to Table of Contents on RFA-AG-10-001 and RFA-AG-10-002

Funding Number: NOT-AG-09-004
Funding Type: NOT
Release Date: March 23, 2009
Expiration Date: January 1, 2020
Web Site:
Notice Correction Table Contents RFA-AG-10-001 RFA-AG-10-002 Notice Number: NOT-AG-09-004 Key Dates Release Date: March 23, 2009 Issued National Institute Aging NIA), Purpose purpose this Notice to update incorrect URL two FOAs recently published the National Institute Aging NIA):  RFA-AG-10-001 - Alzheimer’s Disease Core Centers P30) RFA-AG-10-002 - Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centers P50) current hyperlink Attachment 1” cited under Table Contents” Section IV.6 Submission Requirements Information” been replaced. statement the updated URL provided below: not Form Page 3, TABLE CONTENTS” Form 398 it applies applications single projects. its place, the sample format provided the following link: other aspects these FOAs remain unchanged. Inquiries questions further information, please contact: Nina B. Silverberg, Ph.D. Alzheimer’s Disease Centers Program Dementias Aging Branch Division Neuroscience National Institute Aging 7201 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 350 Bethesda, MD, 20892-9205 20814 express shipping) Telephone: 301) 496-9350 FAX: 301) 496-1494 Email: