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NIA Requests Information on Anticipated Needs for the Mutant Mouse Aging Colony

Funding Number: NOT-AG-11-002
Funding Type: NOT
Release Date: January 10, 2011
Expiration Date: January 1, 2020
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NIA Requests Information Anticipated Needs the Mutant Mouse Aging Colony Notice Number: NOT-AG-11-002 Key Dates Release Date:   January 10, 2011 Issued National Institutes Health NIH) National Institute Aging NIA) Purpose National Institute Aging NIA) supports colonies aged rodents use biogerontology research, including small colony mutant transgenic mice  mutant mouse aging colony consists four lines: Snell Dwarf mice, Ames Dwarf mice, GFP reporter transgenic line, the mutant alpha-synuclein transgenic line B6;C3H-Tg Prnp-SNCA)M83/Vle.  Notice to inform biogerontology research community the mutant mouse aging colony be discontinued, provide opportunity researchers alert NIA their anticipated needs mice the mutant mouse aging colony the next years. mutant mouse aging colony slated end later September 2013 perhaps earlier, will be renewed.  best meet needs grantees, request anyone plans use mice the mutant mouse aging colony send following information via email Dr. Nancy Nadon later March 1, 2011:  Name grant number Mutant mouse line number(s) be used Estimated numbers, ages, time frame receiving mice Inquiries Please direct inquiries comments to: Dr. Nancy Nadon, Chief, Biological Resources Branch National Institute Aging 7201 Wisconsin Ave., GW 2C231 Bethesda MD 20892 301-402-7744