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Mechanisms Underlying the Links between Psychosocial Stress, Aging, the Brain and the Body (R01)

Funding Number: PA-09-216
Funding Type: PA
Release Date: July 6, 2009
Expiration Date: September 8, 2012
Web Site:
Purpose. This FOA encourages multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research to elucidate the mechanistic links between psychosocial stress and health in aging, as well as how the aging process and age-related diseases affect the responses to psychosocial stressors. Generally, research should be focused on (1) aging and how neural mechanisms respond to psychosocial stress and affect other body systems, (2) characterizing the behavioral, psychological and social mechanisms and pathways involved in transducing psychosocial stressors into health outcomes, (3) how stressors modulate physiological process underlying life-span, immune mechanisms, and metabolism, and (4) how psychosocial stress contributes to the development or progression of geriatric syndromes, chronic medical conditions, and disabilities in later life. Research is strongly encouraged that aims to identify appropriate targets for intervention, at any level of analysis, from societal to molecular. Research spanning multiple levels of analysis is particularly encouraged. Research focused on oxidative stress or on environmental or physical stressors of a non-psychosocial nature is not appropriate to this FOA. Mechanism of Support. This FOA will utilize the R01 grant mechanism. Funds Available and Anticipated Number of Awards. Awards issued under this FOA are contingent upon the availability of funds and the submission of a sufficient number of meritorious applications.