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Announcing Changes in the Eligibility Criteria for Use of the NIA Aged Rodent Colony

Funding Number: NOT-AG-10-007
Funding Type: NOT
Release Date: July 20, 2010
Expiration Date: January 1, 2020
Web Site:
Announcing Changes the Eligibility Criteria Use the NIA Aged Rodent Colony Notice Number: NOT-AG-10-007 Key Dates Release Date: nbsp;July 21, 2010 Issued National Institute Aging NIA), National Institute Aging NIA) traditionally subsidized aging research funded many NIH Institutes, Federal Agencies private Foundations, allowing grantees those institutes/agencies/foundations access the NIA aged rodent colonies.  While NIA values collaborative contribution the field aging research, carries burden, both the fiscal contribution in management the colonies.  Due a surge use the aged mouse colony recent months, NIA implemented temporary restriction sales the aged mouse colony NIA-funded projects only, began July 1, 2010.  restriction required protect NIA’s investment aging research, the rapid increase use depleted colony the point compromising NIA-funded research.  restriction for aged mouse colony only does affect other NIA aged rodent colonies.  regret impact this restriction on research funded other entities, the action required permit NIA provide necessary resources its grantees carry the NIA’s research mission. full text the revised policy use the NIA aged rodent colonies posted the rodent colony website: .  information ordering the NIA aged rodent colonies posted the web: . new policy effective July 1, 2010 remains effect until further notice.  Inquiries Questions be directed to:   Nancy L. Nadon, Ph.D. Chief, Biological Resources Branch Biology Aging Program National Institute Aging 7201 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 2C231 Bethesda, Maryland 20892 Phone: 301-402-7744 FAX: 301-402-5997