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Frequently Asked Questions

I am in the first/second/third year of an internal CTSA funded KL2 grant. Can I apply for a full 5-year K award from the NIA? I have heard that different NIH Institutes have different rules about how much total K award support someone can have.

The KL2 or K12 award is a career development award provided to individuals by an institution that has a Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) or K12 award from the NIH. KL2 awardees can and do compete for NIH K awards. The NIH does not restrict the number of K years in aggregate that an individual can have. However for most institutes, including the NIA, individual mentored K award support totals no more than 7 years in most circumstances. KL2 and K12 awardees can apply for a minimum of 3 years and perhaps up to 5 years of additional K support. However, they must justify in their application the need for additional training and mentorship. That justification matters particularly when a candidate requests more than 5 years of mentored support in total.