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Genes involved in age-related declines in brain volume may play role in Alzheimer's disease

We can't wait: Administration announces new steps to fight Alzheimer's disease

Brain imaging shows lifetime cognitive activity may influence Alzheimer's disease risk

New criteria announced for assessing Alzheimer's disease neuropathology

Pilot clinical trial shows nicotine patch may improve cognition in older people with memory loss

Pilot trial of insulin nasal-spray for Alzheimer's yields promising results

Alzheimer's diagnostic guidelines updated for first time in decades

Studies find possible new genetic risk factors for Alzheimer's disease

VA expands caregiver support program developed by NIA-funded researchers

Study ties blood protein to Alzheimer's brain abnormalities

Impaired clearance, not overproduction of toxic proteins, may underlie Alzheimer's disease

Mouse study shows effect of blood pressure drug on Alzheimer's disease

Mild cognitive impairment more common in older men than older women

Stronger muscles linked to lower risk of Alzheimer's

Subjective cognitive impairment could be precursor of further decline

Alzheimer's disease research centers and university-affiliated sites outperform commercial sites in clinical trial retention

Allopregnanolone reverses memory loss in mouse model of Alzheimer's

Mental lapses, daytime sleepiness may be factors to consider when diagnosing Alzheimer's disease

Cultural differences may influence informant reports of cognitive impairment and dementia

More research needed on ways to prevent Alzheimer's, panel finds