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Mixed pathologies likely cause dementia in the oldest-old

People with memory complaints, Alzheimer's risk gene show early biological signs of disease

NIH summit delivers recommendations to transform Alzheimer's disease research

Institute of Medicine releases report on cognitive aging

Physical activity associated with fewer aging brain-related movement problems

NIH-led effort launches Big Data portal for Alzheimer's drug discovery

Use of anticholinergic drugs linked to higher dementia risk

HHS/NIH proposed changes for registering, reporting clinical trial information

Groundbreaking Alzheimer's model in petri dish points to amyloid as disease trigger

Loss of the sense of smell may predict mortality risk among older people

Increased brain activity may compensate for amyloid pathology in older brains

NIH-supported study shows promise for blood test for Alzheimer's disease

NIH-funded researchers link epigenome changes to Alzheimer's disease

Physical activity and Alzheimer's-related hippocampal atrophy

Gene risk factors for age-related brain disorders may affect immune system function

Number of Alzheimer's deaths found to be underreported

Leadership changes in NIA's Division of Neuroscience

Longevity gene may boost brain power

Researchers find association between abnormal tau and damaged brain cell DNA

NIH-supported clinical trial finds antidepressant reduces Alzheimer's agitation

NIH, industry and non-profits join forces to speed validation of disease targets

Rare genetic variants may double risk for Alzheimer's disease

NIH deposits first batch of genomic data for Alzheimer's disease

NIH-supported study identifies 11 new Alzheimer's disease risk genes

NIH funding boosts new Alzheimer's research on prevention, novel drug targets