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What's the connection between hearing and cognitive health?

Decade after menopause poses highest risk of Alzheimer's for women with ApoE4 gene

Moderate physical activity linked to increases in metabolism across brain regions

First-ever atomic look at tau fibril structure in Alzheimer's reveals detailed pathways

2017 Directors Regional Meeting slated for November 8 in Denver

Alzheimer's Disease Professional Judgment Budget for FY19 now online

Welcome to the new NIA website!

Expert panel offers transformative recommendations for NIH Alzheimer's research centers

NIH-supported trials of testosterone therapy in older men report mixed results

Harnessing gamma brain waves to clear Alzheimer's proteins

Adaptive brain network change supports healthy cognitive aging in rats

National study reports decreased dementia prevalence

Identifying brain networks that keep memory skills youthful in cognitive “superagers”

Identifying mechanisms that may keep memories sharp in the aging brain

NIA boosts Alzheimer's research network with two new centers

NIH award expands landmark Alzheimer's biomarker study

Fiscal year 2018 bypass budget for Alzheimer's and related dementias available online

Eliezer Masliah to head NIA's Division of Neuroscience

Decoding the molecular ties between vascular disease and Alzheimer's

NIH supports new studies to find Alzheimer's biomarkers in Down syndrome

2015 Alzheimer's & Related Dementias Webinar Series for Professionals

Mixed pathologies likely cause dementia in the oldest-old

People with memory complaints, Alzheimer's risk gene show early biological signs of disease

NIH summit delivers recommendations to transform Alzheimer's disease research

Institute of Medicine releases report on cognitive aging