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Small RNA regulates tau-related disease sex-differences in mouse models

Mouse study shows microglia not just trash disposal, but essential to healthy neuron balance

Combination of healthy lifestyle traits may substantially reduce Alzheimer’s disease risk

Researchers test new approaches to prevent delirium in older adults

Higher levels of education may help preserve memory in the face of accumulating age-related brain pathology

Alzheimer’s gene contributes to blood-brain barrier breakdown

APOE ε2 gene variant packs protective punch against Alzheimer’s disease

Retina study eyes Alzheimer’s processes to target for early screening

Blocking cellular receptor stops spread of tau in mouse brains

Two views on Alzheimer's biomarkers: Eyeing changes in vision or pupils

Large-scale analysis links glucose metabolism proteins in the brain to Alzheimer's disease biology

Alzheimer's trial screening data links high amyloid levels with early stage disease

Neural excitation linked to shorter lifespan

Adaptive immune cells found in blood, spinal fluid and brain add to understanding of Alzheimer's

Faulty protein connections short-circuit brain in Alzheimer's disease

Large study explores age of onset of frontotemporal dementia by genetics, family history

Test distinguishes Parkinson's disease from related condition

Workshop on neurogenesis and aging

Animal model mimics earliest stages of Alzheimer's in humans

Inflammation may spur abnormal tau tangles, new mouse study shows

Intensive blood-pressure control slowed white matter disease in adults age 75 and older

Predicting Alzheimer's disease progression

Study links Alzheimer's disease with circular RNA

Study with centenarians finds novel protein signature of protective APOE genotype

Lower handgrip strength associated with cognitive impairment