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Workshop: The Cancer-Alzheimer’s disease nexus: Exploring relationships, mechanisms, and therapeutic implications

The Division of Neuroscience is hiring!

Large-scale study of brain proteins uncovers new clues to Alzheimer’s disease

Toward Health Equity in Brain Aging: Nontraditional Data Sources and Innovative Tools

Scientists show how electronic medical records may be used to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease

Genetic risk factors that underlie depression may also drive Alzheimer’s disease

Brain stimulation can affect memory in older adults

Exposure to green space may boost cognitive health

Science update: NIH-developed multidimensional MRI can detect “invisible” brain injuries, studies suggest

Learning to control microglia using CRISPR

Midlife cholesterol and blood sugar levels may be risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease

Nearly 40% of older adult brains studied showed signs of LATE pathology

Cerebrospinal fluid from young mice improved memory in older mice

Microphysiological Systems to Advance Precision Medicine for AD/ADRD Treatment Virtual Workshop

Statins may reduce the risk of Parkinson’s-like symptoms in older adults

Overactive wakefulness neurons disrupt sleep in aging mice

Blood lipids involved with the protective effect of an Alzheimer’s disease gene suggest new targets for prevention

Amyloid structure linked to different types of Alzheimer’s disease

Senescent brain cells may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease

Blood marker shows potential for tracking frontotemporal dementia

Virtual workshop: Modeling basic mechanisms of brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease in vitro and in silico

Two molecular maps of blood vessels in the human brain reveal links to dementia

TREM2 protein seems to protect brain cells from toxic TDP-43 protein

Blocking hormone improves Alzheimer’s symptoms in mice

Aging disrupts the normal daily fluctuations of immune cell activity

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