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Investigational New Drug Toxicology Program

The NIA sponsors the Investigational New Drug (IND) Toxicology program to identify compounds for use in symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other aging-related diseases.  The program provides toxicology services to academic and small business investigators who believe they have promising compounds for the treatment of prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, but lack the resources to perform the required toxicology studies.  NIA will give investigators access to toxicological evaluations required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as part of requests for IND designations for clinical studies.  NIA hopes this preclinical drug-development program will expand the potential range of drug therapies for Alzheimer’s and other aging-related diseases by making these resources available to a larger and more diverse group of investigators.

SRI International provides services for this program in four general categories:

(1) analytical chemistry,

(2) pharmacokinetics and bioavailability,

(3) preliminary toxicity screens, and

(4) IND-directed toxicology studies, including safety pharmacology.

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