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Division of Neuroscience

AD Translational Initiatives

Launched in 2004, the AD Translational Initiative supports early drug discovery and drug development research by academic scientists and small biotechnology companies, with the goal of finding ways to treat and prevent AD, MCI, and age-related cognitive decline. This effort is broadening the range of potential treatments and therapeutic targets by supporting critical steps of translational research that are traditionally not supported by the pharmaceutical industry. In 2009, the NIA committed $5 million to continue two funding initiatives for early drug discovery and preclinical drug development through 2012.

 AD Pilot Clinical Trials, PAR 08-062 (R01); Alzheimer’s Desease Cooperative Study (U01); Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials (R01).

Dr. Suzana Petanceska of the NIA gives a brief overview of translational research in this video: