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Drugs treat spinal disc degeneration in mice

Neighborhood disadvantage linked to decreased well-being in older adults

The dangers of polypharmacy and the case for deprescribing in older adults

Electronic health record systems let patients choose complementary and integrative pain treatments

Tailored, earlier cardiac rehab program shows physical, emotional benefits for heart failure patients

NIA scientist’s work featured in maternal morbidity and mortality health publication

Virtual Workshop: Measures of Somatic Mutation-related Clonal Hematopoiesis in Humans: Enhancing Contributions to Clinical, Epidemiologic, and Genetic Aging Studies

Visual impairment in older women linked to increased risk of dementia

NIH-funded study to recruit thousands of participants to reveal exercise impact at the molecular level

Daily low-dose aspirin does not decrease risk for dementia and cognitive decline

Study with centenarians finds novel protein signature of protective APOE genotype

Workshop on biological damage and aging

Fragmented physical activity linked to higher risk of death in older adults

Could taking statins prevent dementia, disability?

Midlife functional impairment raises risk of hospitalization, nursing home admission

Liver Frailty Index could identify cirrhosis patients at highest risk of death while waiting for transplants

Myosteatosis in the context of skeletal muscle function deficit workshop report

Hypothermia: A cold weather hazard

Group class reduces urinary incontinence symptoms in women

Daily low-dose aspirin found to have no effect on healthy lifespan in older people

CALERIE CTS database Webinar "Behavioral Aspects of Sustained Calorie Restriction in Humans" on July 13th, 2018

2017 Directors Regional Meeting slated for November 8 in Denver

Welcome to the new NIA website!

Nutritional Interventions to Promote Healthy Aging Workshop Information

“Integrative omics approaches to discover influential mechanistic pathway(s)/molecules associated with LAVs for healthy aging” Workshop