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Midlife functional impairment raises risk of hospitalization, nursing home admission

Liver Frailty Index could identify cirrhosis patients at highest risk of death while waiting for transplants

Myosteatosis in the context of skeletal muscle function deficit workshop report

Hypothermia: A cold weather hazard

Group class reduces urinary incontinence symptoms in women

Daily low-dose aspirin found to have no effect on healthy life span in older people

CALERIE CTS database Webinar "Behavioral Aspects of Sustained Calorie Restriction in Humans" on July 13th, 2018

2017 Directors Regional Meeting slated for November 8 in Denver

Welcome to the new NIA website!

Nutritional Interventions to Promote Healthy Aging Workshop Information

“Integrative omics approaches to discover influential mechanistic pathway(s)/molecules associated with LAVs for healthy aging” Workshop

Nutritional Interventions to Promote Healthy Aging workshop

NIH-supported trials of testosterone therapy in older men report mixed results

NIH-supported trials test hormonal therapy in older men with low testosterone levels

Diet, exercise improve exercise capacity in certain heart failure patients

NIH study finds calorie restriction lowers some risk factors for age-related diseases

Heart disease and multimorbidity information available online

HHS/NIH proposed changes for registering, reporting clinical trial information

New NIH research awards to address multiple chronic conditions

NIH, PCORI announce major award to prevent falls injuries in older people

Structured physical activity program can help maintain mobility in vulnerable older people

NIA supports research on pain in older people

Research consortium including NIH proposes diagnostic criteria for sarcopenia

NIH urges older Americans to protect their kidneys

NIH adds substantial set of genetic, health information to online database