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Division of Extramural Activities

NIA Funding Line Policy for FY 2010

NIA has experienced extraordinary growth in the last year thanks to funds provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (2009) (ARRA). A few opportunities under ARRA remain for FY 2010 and these are being posted at Nevertheless a continuing strong interest in aging research and increasingly competitive applications are placing strong pressure on our funding line in FY 2010. Though this success is welcome and is important to the needs of our growing older population, NIA is challenged in its ability to support outstanding proposed research. We will continue to reduce awards by an average amount of 18% below recommended amounts. With this average reduction NIA is currently funding research project grant mechanisms to the 8th percentile funding line. R01 applications from new investigators (by the NIH definition of new investigators) will be funded to at least the 13th percentile. R01 applications from early stage investigators (by the NIH definition of early stage investigators) will be a majority of the awards made to new investigators and may be supported beyond the 13th percentile.

NIA will make noncompeting modular and non modular research project and center grant mechanisms awards at a level 2% above their FY 2009 awarded level or 1% below the FY 2010 commitment level. NIA will continue to consider some supplemental funding on a case-by-case base to address scientific and programmatic imperatives that would otherwise not be met within this overall policy.

NIA is following NIH cost control policies in other research and training mechanisms.

Also see the main NIA Funding Policies site for policies concerning particular mechanisms.