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Guide to Program Project Review at NIA

Responsibilities of the Scientific Review Officer

The Scientific Review Officer (SRO) is the Designated Federal Official (DFO) with the legal responsibility for managing the review.  No discussion of the application or review proceedings may take place unless the SRO is present.

The SRO's responsibilities include:

  • Checking the application and getting additional information from the PI as needed.  Addressing PI questions prior to the meeting.
  • Identifying, recruiting, and assigning reviewers who have appropriate expertise and are not in conflict with the application.
  • Instructing reviewers on the review process and all regulations and policies.
  • Arranging all aspects of the review and its documentation; running the meeting in conjunction with the Chair.
  • Monitoring the review process to ensure fair, unbiased and scientifically/technically appropriate evaluation of the application.
  • Preparing the summary statement post-review and presenting information to the Council (second level of review) as needed.