Research and Funding

Division of Extramural Activities

Checklist for New Applicants

The following is a check-off list for applicants new to the Multimedia Technology Health Communication Small Business Innovation Research-Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR-STTR) grant program. All topics apply to the SBIR-STTR Phase I, Phase II, and Fast Track, unless specified for a specific grant in parentheses.

  • Title and Abstract
  • Objectives
  • Scientific and technological
    • Targeted outcome
    • Phase I focus
    • Phase II focus
  • Significance of Project
  • Summary of Literature Review and Implications
  • Product Review and Comparison (Phase II, Fast Track)
  • Description of Population
  • Sample Size (numbers, rather than percent)
    • Gender, race, age specifics
    • Community setting
    • Sites of evaluation
  • Recruitment Methods
    • Interviews, phone, letter, etc.
    • Terms of recruitment (paid, voluntary)
    • Assurance of confidentiality
    • Benefits to participant (if any)
    • Met minority/gender guidelines; if not, why
    • Consent procedures (i.e., letter, phone, e-mail, etc.)
  • Detailed Design To Achieve Goals. Include a flow chart and tasks for Phase II and Fast Track grants:
    • Developmental research
    • Implementation research
    • Efficacy evaluation
    • Data collection methods
    • Description of focus groups, interviews, surveys, etc.
    • Pre- and postevaluation components
  • Statistical Methods Used To Analyze Data (Phase II, Fast Track)
  • Evaluation Procedures
    • Aim of control group
    • Aim of experiment group
    • Pre- and post-evaluation components

Other Information To Include in Fast Track Applications

  • Describe briefly the company, its principle field(s) of interest, and current products
  • Describe briefly key technology objectives and/or advances anticipated from grant
  • Estimate markets and market share after 5 years of sales
  • List current competition and describe the advantages of the product or services over others (accessibility, acceptability, performance, efficiency, time, cost effectiveness, etc.)
  • Cite patent status or other intellectual property protection, if applicable
  • Cite target dates and location for production or manufacturing
  • Describe briefly whether the product will be marketed or entered into a marketing agreement
  • Describe outside production or marketing resources; include letters of expressed interest in collaboration, co-development, or licensing
  • Indicate how the product will impact public health and cite results from evaluation studies