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Workshop on Economic Phenotypes

This one day exploratory workshop explored the use of economic phenotypes in large-scale research to promote an understanding of economic behavior. Invited participants included investigators studying economic behaviors from the perspectives of the cognitive, affective, and economic neurosciences, experimental economics, decision science, psychology, genetics, and population-based behavioral and social science surveys. Participants addressed integrated approaches from psychology and neuroeconomics with survey research methods for measuring aging-relevant economic behaviors, traits and outcomes. Discussions focused on the development of a toolkit or battery of tests for measurement of economic phenotypes to enhance the links between laboratory and survey science and provide a foundation for genetic studies of fundamental economic behaviors. This activity complements the series of meetings examining how the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) can incorporate genetic approaches in analyses and what can be done with publicly available data. The background papers (MS Word, 549K), meeting agenda (MS Word, 31K), and workshop report (MS Word, 200K) are available.