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State of the Science for Pragmatic Trials of Non-Pharmacological Interventions to Improve Outcomes Among Persons with Dementia and Their Caregivers

Hebrew SeniorLife Institute for Aging Research convened a workshop at the National Institute on Aging (NIA) to review the state of the science for pragmatic clinical trials of non-pharmacological interventions for persons with dementia and their caregivers. The goals of the workshop were to (1) review the state of the evidence regarding the effect of interventions to improve care and outcomes for persons with dementia; (2) establish criteria for determining which interventions are ready for launch as pragmatic trials; and (3) consider the infrastructure necessary to conduct, translate, and disseminate such a program of research. A meeting summary (PDF, 413K) is available.

(A Workshop Hosted by the Brown University School of Public Health and the Hebrew SeniorLife Institute for Aging Research)