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Social Neuroscience of Aging

This 2-day exploratory workshop surveyed topics in social neuroscience of relevance to aging and addressed research and resource needs for advancing this field. Invited participants included leading researchers in social and personality psychology, genetics, neuroscience and neurobiology, biodemography, psychoneuroimmunology, and psychiatry who share an interest in social behaviors, and who have the breadth of knowledge regarding developmental and aging issues within their respective disciplines. Through targeted presentations and extended dialogue, participants addressed successful approaches, pitfalls, gaps in knowledge, next steps, and opportunities and needs for aging research in social neuroscience and how NIA and the scientific community could support development of this research area. Discussions focused both on research that takes a life-course perspective (i.e., the influence of social behaviors and environments in early life on late-life health) and on research addressing the role of social behaviors and environments of late life on the individual problems of older people. A meeting report, background papers, and the meeting agenda are available upon request. Please email DBSR.