Research and Funding

Division of Behavioral and Social Research

Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Grants

The SBIR and STTR programs seek to increase the participation of small businesses in Federal R&D and to increase private sector commercialization of technology developed through Federal R&D.

The Behavioral and Social Research Division of the NIA is interested in SBIR/STTR applications that develop: (1) social, behavioral, environmental and or/technical interventions on the individual, institutional, family, community or national level intended to maintain older adult independence or functioning, increase well-being and prevent disease and/or disability; (2) tools to improve financial decision making among older people; (3) practical applications using innovative technologies (e.g. hand-held, internet, telemedicine GPS, robotics, social networking and communications technologies) to support and improve quality of life, well-being, and the ability of older adults to live independently and safely at home; (4) interventions or programs for issues impacting caregivers of the elderly and older individuals needing long-term care; (5) new sampling and data collection methodologies for use in large population-based household surveys and behavioral interventions; (6) survey/archiving/database support; (7) forecasting through the development of mathematical, economic, demographic and epidemiological models.

For additional information, please visit NIA's page on Small Business Innovation Research, the SBIR and STTR Omnibus Solicitation (PDF, 1.7M) and the Grants.Gov SBIR information page.

Program Contact:
Partha Bhattacharyya, Ph.D.