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Second Expert Meeting on the Future of the National Long-Term Care Survey (NLTCS): Summary, Agenda, Participants, and Commissioned Papers

The NIA worked with the National Academy of Sciences' Committee on Population to hold two expert meetings to discuss the National Long-Term Care Survey (NLTCS) and to consider future options for the survey. The first meeting was held on October 7, 2005. A follow-up meeting was held on Tuesday, February 14, 2006, which addressed policy and research uses of a continued NLTCS in more detail, and provided alternative options for scientific aims and survey designs. In addition to the workshop summary, NIA has made available the papers commissioned by the National Academy of Sciences (which were discussed at the February 14 meeting):

  • Connor, Erosheva, Fienberg & White, Towards a Restructuring of the National Long-Term Care Survey: A Longitudinal Perspective
  • Freedman & Schoeni, Disability, Long-term Care, and Rehabilitation: Emerging Questions and Data Needs
  • Doty & Marton, How the National Long-Term Care Survey Can Address Policymakers’ Disability and Long-Term Care Questions
  • Kinosian,The Department of Veterans Affairs Long Term Care Planning Model and the National Long-Term Care Survey

A summary of this meeting is available upon request. Please contact BSR.