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Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR)

Mission of RCMAR Program

The Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR) are designed (1) to enhance the diversity of the aging research workforce by mentoring promising scientists from under-represented groups for sustained careers in aging research in priority areas of social, behavioral, and economic research on aging, and (2) to develop infrastructure to promote advances in these areas while simultaneously increasing the number of researchers focused on health disparities and the health and well-being of minority elders. The program supports research at multiple levels from genetics to cross-national comparative research, and at stages from basic through translational, with the goal to improve the health, well-being, function, and independence of older Americans. RCMARs encourage transdisciplinary social and behavioral science research on any theme addressed in the National Institute on Aging Strategic Plan. Consistent with the longstanding focus of the RCMAR program on minority aging research, Centers offer mentoring in health disparities and minority aging issues as a major component of their research education programs, thereby enhancing the potential impact of research supported by the program on all sectors of our aging society.

In 2018, support for the RCMAR program was expanded to support additional centers focused on priority areas of social and behavioral science related to Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more about this effort.

RCMAR Coordinating Center
Principal Investigator (PI) Center Institution
Pourat, Nadereh & Guerrero, Lourdes University of California, Los Angeles
Traditional RCMAR Centers
Principal Investigator (PI) Center Institution
Hu, William; Crystal, Stephen; Wu, Bei; & Yang, Cui Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, New York University, & Princeton University
Durant, Reagan University of Alabama at Birmingham, Morehouse School of Medicine, Tuskegee University, & University of Alabama
Fillingim, Roger University of Florida
Taylor, Robert The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Wayne State University, & Michigan State University
Karliner, Leah University of California, San Francisco
Mangione, Carol & Duru, Obidiugwu University of California, Los Angeles
Manson, Spero University of Colorado, Denver & Washington State University
Markides, Kyriakos The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
Periyakoil, Vyjeyanth; Henderson, Victor; & Yesavage, Jerome Stanford University
Werner, Rachel & Willis, Allison University of Pennsylvania
Alzheimer's disease-focused RCMAR Centers
Principal Investigator (PI) Center Institution

Ajrouch, Kristine; Antonucci, Toni; & Zahodne, Laura

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Buchwald, Dedra; Manson, Spero; & Galvin, James Washington State University, University of Colorado, Denver, & University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Goldman, Dana & Zissimopoulos, Julie University of Southern California
Levkoff, Sue & Friedman, Daniela University of South Carolina at Columbia, Medical University of South Carolina, Clemson University, Allen University, Claflin University, & South Carolina State University
Maestre, Gladys University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Manly, Jennifer & Luchsinger, Jose
  • Columbia Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Alzheimer’s Disease Disparities
  • Project Description
Columbia University Health Sciences
Moore, Alison; Elder, John; Gilbert, Paul, & Gonzalez, Hector University of California, San Diego & San Diego State University
Rebok, George & Thorpe, Roland Johns Hopkins University

More information is available at the RCMAR Central Coordinating Center's website. The Coordinating Center provides logistical support to the RCMAR Centers and oversees dissemination activities designed to reach the larger research and health professional communities, public policy makers, and consumers. The Coordinating Center is also the national clearinghouse for measurement tools, instruments, publications, community activity, pilot research, and other resources developed by RCMAR investigators.


Nadereh Pourat, Ph.D.
Co-Director, RCMAR National Coordinating Center
Email Nadereh Pourat

Lourdes Guerrero, EdD, MSW
Co-Director, RCMAR National Coordinating Center
Email Lourdes Guerrero

UCLA Center for Health Policy Research
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Melissa Gerald, Ph.D.
Program Director, Individual Behavioral Processes Branch
Division of Behavioral and Social Research
National Institute on Aging/National Institutes of Health
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Bethesda, MD 20892-9205
Phone: (301) 496-3136
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