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Dr. Lisbeth Nielsen to lead NIA's Division of Behavioral and Social Research

Second research summit on dementia care, caregiving, and services is fast approaching!

Certain personality traits in high school may lower dementia risk five decades later

Walking speed at age 45 linked to physical well-being, brain health

Deaths in middle-aged adults drive decrease in U.S. life expectancy

Retirement: A chance to share gratitude, advice, regrets from my time at NIA

Innovative ideas and investigators wanted for Alzheimer's and related dementias research

Frequent social contact in midlife may reduce dementia risk, Whitehall II study analysis shows

Attention health hackers: Global initiative will fund innovation where it’s needed most

Cardiovascular health status at age 50 linked to dementia risk in later life

Participate in the second research summit on dementia care, caregiving and services!

Exploring the unexpected: What can we learn from lucidity in dementia?

New research collaboratory designed to spur innovation and improve dementia care

Census report on older foreign-born population now available

Healthy lifestyle associated with lower risk of dementia independent of genetic risk, study finds

NIH Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Professional Judgment Budget for FY 2021 now online

NIA program staff will answer questions at AAIC booth 705

Long-term study investigates association between self-reported diet in midlife and dementia risk

BSR Program Officer Position Opening

Program Officer: Social Epidemiology of Aging

Program Officer: Behavioral Science and Intervention Development

The Healthy Cognitive Aging Project: A major data resource for cognitive epidemiology

Physicians writing fewer initial opioid prescriptions, but some high-risk prescribing persists

Don't miss the opportunity: Win up to $250,000 for care coordination innovation!

Open the door to a world of data