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Neuroeconomics of Aging Workshop

The NIA convened an exploratory workshop to share ideas about neuroeconomics and aging around a set of defined workshop goals. Presentations from experts in aging research in areas of social, cognitive, and personality psychology; cognitive and affective neuroscience; decision-making; and health and retirement economics framed the discussion of how the neuroeconomics perspective can be applied most fruitfully to issues of relevance to aging. This workshop built on themes developed in two NIA teleconferences on Neuroeconomics of Aging held in August 2005. PDFs of teleconference participants' prepared statements of research opportunities in neuroeconomics of aging, and summaries of the August 12, 2005 and August 26, 2005 teleconferences are available below. A copy of the NIA Funded Grants on Neuroeconomics of Aging is also available.