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Neural Processes of Affective Change in Aging

On August 2-3, 2018, the National Institute on Aging Division of Behavioral and Social Research and Division of Neuroscience convened an expert workshop in Bethesda, Maryland, to discuss developments in affective neuroscience research as it relates to aging, enhance collaboration opportunities, and advance knowledge within the field. The aim of the workshop was to generate insights that can inform new causal hypotheses to explain aging-related changes in human affect. Experts from both within and outside the aging field addressed (1) the foundations and historical context of affective neuroscience of aging related to the experience, perception, and regulation of emotion; and (2) emerging theories and approaches in affective neuroscience related to (a) neural networks involved in affective processes, (b) neuromodulatory influences on affective processes and motivated behavior, (c) neural circuitry for associative learning and affective regulation, and (d) alignment of studies in animals and humans to accelerate research on emotional function in aging. A meeting summary (PDF, 361K) is available.