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Conference on Policy Research and Data Needs to Meet the Challenges of Population Aging in Asia, New Delhi, India

The second of two planned conferences convened by the Committee on Population (CPOP) at the National Academies of Science.  This conference, organized in conjunction with the Indian National Science Academy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Indonesian Academy of Sciences, and Science Council of Japan and supported by NIA, assembled leading scientists to present the latest trends in population aging in Asia, to discuss the potential for greater international collaboration and to engage senior Asian policymakers and planners in dialogue.  A NAS publication, Aging in Asia: Findings from New and Emerging Data Initiatives contains the peer-reviewed collection of papers from China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand that were presented at this conference hosted by the Indian National Science Academy in New Delhi, and papers from the first conference, which was hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing in 2010. The papers in the volume highlight the contributions from new and emerging data initiatives in the region and cover subject areas such as economic growth, labor markets, and consumption; family roles and responsibilities; and labor markets and consumption. The full report is available from the National Academies Press website.