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Behavioral and Social Research Networks

The Division of Behavioral and Social Research (BSR) currently supports 17 research networks to provide infrastructure for advancing the development of high priority areas of behavioral and social research relevant to aging. The research networks encourage growth and development in emerging areas through meetings, conferences, small scale pilots, training, educational activities, and dissemination of resources to the field at large. Networks are typically interdisciplinary and are comprised of multiple institutions, as they are intended to serve the broader community of behavioral and social researchers engaged in aging-relevant research in each designated scientific area.

Currently Supported Research Networks
Network Name Contact Principal Investigator
Benjamin, Daniel J
Drury, Stacy Schmidt
Edmondson, Donald
Epel, Elissa S; Mendes, Wendy Berry
  • Advancing Psychosocial & Biobehavioral Approaches to Improve Emotional Well-Being
  • Project Description
Epel, Elissa S; Mendes, Wendy Berry
Faul, Jessica; Crimmins, Eileen M; Mitchell, Colter
Fazio, Sam
Heckman, James J; Duckworth, Angela L
Jensen, Leif
Levenstein, Margaret
Lin, Feng V; Cornwell, Yeates
Loucks, Eric; Godfrey, Keith; Sheridan, Margaret Ann
Montez, Jennifer Karas; Ailshire, Jennifer A; Burgard, Sarah A; Hummer, Robert A
  • Workforce Development Engages Diverse Older Adults to Catalyze Innovative Approaches for Enhanced Recruitment and Retention
  • Project Description
Nearing, Kathryn Allen
  • Leveraging the national infrastructure of trusted organizations to increase representation of Latinos in dementia research
  • Project Description
Portacolone, Elena; Perez, Gloria A; Hill, Carl V
Seaman, Kendra Leigh; Samanez-Larkin, Gregory R
Shih, Regina A
Weir, David
Spetz, Joanne E
Tung, Jenny; Bartolomucci, Alessandro; Harris, Kathleen Mullan
  • Network on Education, Biosocial Pathways, and Dementia across Diverse Populations
  • Project Description
Walsemann, Katrina; Asthana, Sanjay; Herd, Pamela
Weir, David R; Langa, Kenneth M
West, Brady T; Lee, Sung-Hee
Williams, Brie A; Zaller, Nick D
  • Building Community and Research Engagement among Sexual and Gender Minority Older Adults at Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias
  • Project Description
Wharton Whitney L; Anderson, Joel G; Flatt, Jason D

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