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2017 Directors Regional Meeting slated for November 8 in Denver

Welcome to the new NIA website!

Researchers find clue to damage and repair of aging cells

NIH-supported trials of testosterone therapy in older men report mixed results

Pointing the way forward in geroscience

Fasting-mimicking diet shows potential health benefits in mice and people

NIH-funded researchers identify drugs to eliminate senescent cells in mice, improving health and function

Studying both sexes with NIH's National Institute on Aging's Interventions Testing Program

New opportunities for aging research found in turquoise killifish

Aging Research In Space

HHS/NIH proposed changes for registering, reporting clinical trial information

Geroscience recommendations, summaries available

Diabetes drug increases lifespan of male mice, shows smaller effect in females

Molecular mechanisms regulating mammalian aging

NIH-supported researchers illuminate aging cells in mouse model

NIH study finds calorie restriction does not affect survival

Dr. Francis Collins talks about aging biology at the Geroscience Interest Group seminar

Understanding of mTOR pathway and lifespan refined in new study

Restricted diet may improve survival after surgery

Modification of the epigenome can affect lifespan three generations later in C. elegans worms

Removing nondividing, senescent cells in mice delays age-related disease

Study finds fasting may help reduce negative side effects of chemotherapy

Genetic mutations transform cell type to prolong life in roundworm

Study of naked mole rats challenges long-held theory of aging