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Geroscience Summit 2013

October 2013
National Institutes of Health

Summary of the Meeting and Recommendations

The goal of this Summit was to explore new ways to understand how common mechanisms governing aging might underlie the pathology associated with diverse chronic diseases. A second, equally important goal was to promote new pathways for collaboration among researchers in these varied diseases, specifically within the context of aging. To accomplish this, the meeting was organized into sessions according to distinct mechanisms known or suspected to be related to aging, without regard to specific diseases, but in a way that might highlight how aging mechanisms enable disease. Speakers were chosen based on acknowledged expertise in a broad range of chronic diseases (e.g., cancer, heart failure, sarcopenia, etc.) and/or biology of aging. The program was structured around short talks with ample time for discussions among investigators who, because of diverse interests related to specific disease areas, might not have been likely to otherwise interact. The theme of geroscience provided a large tent under which speakers focused on different chronic diseases came together in an environment that was highly conducive to cross-talk. A Summary of the Meeting and Recommendations (PDF, 117K) is now available.