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Division of Aging Biology Funding Opportunity Announcements

DAB is currently seeking applications in response to funding opportunity announcements (FOA) in the biology of aging and in geroscience. Please see below for active FOA developed by DAB or joined by DAB. DAB also seeks applications related to Alzheimer's disease and Alzheimer's disease related dementias (AD/ADRD) in some specific areas.

The full list of NIA-wide active funding opportunities and NIA-wide AD/ADRD funding opportunities can be found online. Read NIA's research and funding frequently asked questions.

The table below contains funding opportunity announcements that are currently being funded in full or in part by the Division of Aging Biology (DAB).

Funding Opportunity Announcements

FOA Number Title Released Expires DAB Contact
RFA-AG-24-005 Interorgan Communication in Aging (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) 12-Dec-22 2-June-23 John Williams, Ph.D.
PAR-22-127 Focused Technology Research and Development (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) 21-Mar-22 8-May-25 Leonid Tsap, Ph.D.
PAR-22-126 Technology Development Research for Establishing Feasibility and Proof of Concept (R21 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed) 21-Mar-22 8-May-25 Leonid Tsap, Ph.D.
RFA-AG-23-016 Transition to Aging Research for Predoctoral Students (F99/K00 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) 11-Apr-22 19-Oct-24 NIA Training Office
NOT-AG-22-009 NIA Caenorhabditis Intervention Testing Program (CITP) Announces a Call for Compounds to Test for Anti-Aging Activity in Caenorhabditis 4-Feb-22 n/a Max Guo, Ph.D
NOT-AG-21-028 Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Analyses of CALERIE Datasets and Biospecimens to Elucidate the Biological Effects and the Behavioral and Psychological Aspects of Sustained Caloric Restriction in Humans 11-Jan-22 8-May-23 Ronald Kohanski, Ph.D


Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Role of Age-Associated Metabolic Changes in Alzheimer's Disease 7-Jan-22 13-Nov-24 Yih-Woei Fridell, Ph.D


Trailblazer Award for New and Early Stage Investigators (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) 18-Nov-22 8-Jan-26 Leonid Tsap, Ph.D

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