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DAB Research Programs and Staff Contacts

Division of Aging Biology (DAB)

Acting Director: Stacy Carrington-Lawrence, Ph.D.

The Division of Aging Biology promotes and supports research and training on the molecular, genetic, cellular, and physiological mechanisms underlying aging and age-related changes in humans and other organisms across numerous phyla. Support is provided for basic, applied, and translational research into mechanisms of aging from cell-autonomous actions, organelle interactions, interorgan communication, and microbiomes. These studies should uncover shared and species-specific features of aging that will lead to better identification and understanding of key biological processes that determine rates and heterogeneity of aging, and how external factors impact rates of aging. There is special emphasis for research on heterogeneity as a biological driver of divergence in health outcomes (health disparities). Geroscience research is supported to examine diverse mechanisms of interventions that impact rates of aging and health outcomes. The DAB oversees contracts providing select biological resources for aging research.

Office of the Division Director and Division Branches

Read about the office of the Division Director and the DAB branches at the links below:

Division of Aging Biology Staff

Name Title Email
Siobhan ADDIE Health Science Policy Analyst
Amanda BOYCE Health Scientist Administrator
Stacy CARRINGTON-LAWRENCE Deputy Director Division of Aging Biology
Christy CARTER Health Scientist Administrator
Nhi CHAU Program Analyst
Tiziana COGLIATI Health Scientist Administrator
Tracy COPE Health Scientist Specialist
Jennifer FOX Health Scientist Administrator
Yih-Woei FRIDELL Health Scientist Administrator
Yi-Ping FU Health Scientist Administrator
Hongwei GAO Health Scientist Administrator
Max GUO Health Scientist Administrator
Pragati KATIYAR Health Science Specialist
Katherine KIM Scientific Program Analyst
Nimi KONDE Staff Assistant
Manuel MORO Health Scientist Administrator
Ann NAMKUNG Program Director of HIV and Aging Research
Andras OROSZ
Mulualem TILAHUN Health Scientist Administrator
Leonid TSAP Health Scientist Administrator
Fei WANG Health Scientist Administrator
John WILLIAMS Health Scientist Administrator

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