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CITP Intervention Nomination Guide

Every year, the NIA publishes a Notice soliciting nominations for candidate molecules, compounds or combination of compounds (pharmacological interventions) to enter the Caenorhabditis Interventions Testing Program (CITP) pipeline to identify those with the potential to extend lifespan and/or delay the onset of disease and disfunction. Nominations are submitted using the CITP Intervention Nomination Form (PDF, 424K).

Deadline for Nominations

The next deadline is May 1, 2023, 12:00 am PT.

Role and Responsibilities of the Intervention Nominator

The CITP is a collaborative effort between the study sites and individuals who nominate interventions for testing. The intervention nominator’s role is to provide the rationale for investigating the intervention(s), make recommendations on the dose, modality, and timing for administration of the intervention, and propose assays and measurements to document the efficacy of the intervention. Compound nominators can be individuals, nonprofits, academic groups, or businesses. The compound nominator will have access to all data developed from the study, will assist in data analysis, and will be a co-author on resulting publications. The nominator signs a Statement of Understanding acknowledging the CITP confidentiality and data sharing/publication policy. All results of CITP studies, both positive and negative, are submitted for publication and the data are made publicly available.

Review of Intervention Nominations

Proposed interventions are reviewed by an Access Panel who recommends the most promising interventions to the CITP Steering Committee who, in turn, prioritizes the interventions to enter into the testing pipeline. The Intervention nominator will be notified of the outcome of the review approximately 10-12 weeks after the deadline for submission. The Access Panel is composed of one representative (not the PD/PI) from each testing site and five additional scientists from the biogerontology research community. The CITP Steering Committee is the main governing body of the Program, and it includes the CITP PD/PI of each testing site, the NIA Project Scientist, and four additional scientists covering a broad range of biogerontologic expertise.

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