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NIA Rodent Colony Health Summaries

The health summaries for the NIA aged rodent colonies are available for download from this site as PDF documents.These are the same health summaries that are sent with the shipments. Health summaries are up-dated approximately quarterly and are made available here as soon as we receive them. These summaries are only for the NIA colonies, not for the commercial colonies that might share barrier rooms.

Each of the NIA colonies is held in at least two (2) barriers and the health summary includes the report for each individual barrier. When colonies transition to a new contractor, there is a period of time when young and old animals come from different colonies and different contractors. The title of the health report download document includes the name of the resource, the colony number, and the date of the health report (not the date the animals were shipped for testing) in a six digit month-day-year format. For example, the document titled ‘F344 Rat 72113 060807’ is the health summary for the F344 colony that is dated June 8, 2007.

F344 Rat Colony
Hybrid Rat and Brown Norway Rat Colony
Mouse Colony
Caloric Restricted Rodent Colony