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Aged Rodent Colonies Handbook

Eligibility Criteria for Use of the NIA Aged Rodent Colonies

Notice: The NIA has long provided biological resources to the research community to facilitate research on the biology of aging. As of April 6, 2015, the NIA will no longer charge users for the biological resources, nor any related shipping fees due to a new interpretation of the regulations that govern contracting. Notice Regarding Pricing.

We cannot approve requests for exceptions for C57BL/6 or CB6F1 for the foreseeable future, but we can consider requests for exception for BALB/c mice.

Eligibility criteria effective 4/6/2015

  1. The NIA aged rodent colonies are only available for projects that are directly related to aging and that are funded by grants from the NIH, other U. S. government agencies, and U. S.-based private foundations that fund aging research. Contract-funded projects are only eligible if they are funded by the NIA. Very limited exceptions might be made for investigators without such funding, such as new investigators with start-up funding from their institution and NIA grantees whose renewal grant applications within the past year were not funded and who are working on resubmitting the application. Exceptions will be reviewed for scientific relevance and availability of the requested animals. Exceptions must be requested before the order is submitted, using the Exception Request Form-Funding source form (MS Excel, 11K).
  2. There is a limit to the number of animals that can be requested each month:
    1. NIA grantees are limited to a total of 20 animals delivered per month per grant.
    2. All non-NIA grantees are limited to a total of 10 animals delivered per month per grant.
    3. The caloric restricted colony is restricted to NIA grantees with specific aims requiring CR mice. Food is only provided for CR (and AL control) animals purchased from the NIA caloric restricted colony or for NIA-funded grants that include specific aims requiring caloric restriction of rodents. The NIA does not provide food for animals purchased from the aging colonies outside of the above stated criteria.
  3. Exceptions to the limit on the number of animals per month may be requested and will be evaluated based on scientific need and availability. Exceptions are likely to be limited due to the demand on the NIA aging colonies. Exceptions must be requested before the order is submitted, using the Exception Request Form-Monthly Limit form (MS Excel, 11K).
  4. Orders must be placed through the online rodent ordering system (ROS) and all information must be provided in order to allow the NIA to properly evaluate eligibility. Incomplete orders will be cancelled and will have to be resubmitted as there is no way to alter orders after submission. The project title and grant number refers to the NIH grant funding the research project to use the requested animals, and it must be entered as shown on the ordering pages (Ex. R01-AG-598765). Do not provide the institutional accounting or animal protocol number. The name of the principal investigator on the grant cited on the order must be listed on the first line of the Ship To address.