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Animal Replacement Policy

The NIA will provide replacement animals that are dead on arrival or die within 48 hours of arrival. Replacements will be of the same date of birth as originally shipped. If animals are determined to be ill or injured at arrival and a replacement is requested, a veterinary report must be provided. All animals are maintained in barrier conditions under a health monitoring program and are assumed to be in good health when leaving the NIA colonies. The development of tumors is normal in these animals with aging, therefore the presence of tumors is not an acceptable criteria for replacement. Likewise, a scruffy or unkempt appearance is often normal for very aged animals and is not reason for replacement. Since we have no control over the conditions in the facilities into which these animals are shipped, we will not accept responsibility for their health after 48 hours of receipt. Therefore if you have any problems regarding the status of your animals upon their arrival, it is important that you contact the NIA BRB within 48 hours of receipt.